Denim halter top tight denim shorts two-piece suit
Denim halter top tight denim shorts two-piece suit
Denim halter top tight denim shorts two-piece suit
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1. The fabric is soft and comfortable

2. Fashionable style makes you sexy and eye-catching in the crowd.

3. Simple, versatile design makes this jumpsuit perfect for parties, clubs, cocktail parties, nightclubs or other special occasions.

4. Wash your hands with cold water. Hang up.

5. Note: Please read the size chart carefully before ordering.




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1.About how many batches, do you support mixed batch? Is there an amount limit? How about the freight?

    All products in accordance with the above batch can be, can also be a undertakes to, the amount is not limited, support mixed batch, alipay transactions!There is some error in the default freight in some regions.After submitting the order, the customer service will timely change the freihht according to the weight region. If there is any problem, please contact our customer service to deal with it.

2.Are the products on the shelf avaiable?What if they're out of stock?

    All of our products are spot sales, the store products are in sufficient stock, you can rest assured to buy.Because there are more varieties, large sales, if there are individual products out of stock, we will promptly contact, or telephone contact processing, hope dear friends understand!

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